Teaching & Mentoring

My primary goal in teaching philosophy is to foster my students’ own intellectual agency. This process begins with an introduction to the historical contours of particular problems and continues through the incremental development of reading and writing skills. Ultimately I encourage students to connect what they are learning in my courses to their existing knowledge and interests.

Having lived alongside a total of nearly 300 undergraduates as a Resident Head, I am sensitive to the fullness of students’ lives outside the classroom. I normalize the challenges involved in doing philosophy and empower students to respond to personal obstacles that affect their academic performance. My classroom environment is designed to include all students, not only those who are most assertive, confident, or knowledgeable.

Current Courses, College of the Holy Cross

  • PHIL 110. Philosophical Inquiries

  • PHIL 271. Philosophy of Science

  • PHIL 272. Philosophy of Biology

Past Courses, University of Chicago

  • Philosophy of Biology

  • Senior Thesis Workshop

  • Evolutionary Aspects of Gene Regulation (Teaching Assistant)

  • Science, Culture, and Society in Western Civilization (Teaching Assistant)